Frequently Asked Questions

O’LIGHT products are made in Canada in laboratories certified by Health Canada.

O’LIGHT products are suitable for people of all skin types and origin who are concerned with hyperpigmentation, spots, and who are looking for hydration of the skin. Our team is specialized in skin care on black skin and darker tones and thanks to its natural ingredients and technology, the O’Light products are safe and work greatly on all skin tones and skin types.

O’LIGHT products are made with over 95% natural ingredients. More specifically, our products are based of olive oil and shea butter, oat extract, fruit acids and proteins.

No! None of our products contain hydroquinone. We condomn it for the danger it poses to health. In addition, it is prohibited, by Health Canada, to sell product containing hydroquinone on the market. We take this very seriously.

O’LIGHT products are made with Vitamin B3 (Niaciamide) and Vitamin C and B-white which have natural brightening properties. O’LIGHT products also contain super moisturizing active ingredients with anti-aging properties as well as hyaluronic acid which helps preventing acne!

Your skin will be more illuminated, uniform and elastic in only 28 days.

All O’LIGHT products are effective.

To fight against hyperpigmentary spots, the anti-spot correction serum is a good option.

For the face, the intensive anti-spot face cream and sublime dry oil are excellent!

For dry skin, the body cream and Glycerin provides intensive moisturization of the epidermis.

Our products act against hyperpigmentation of the skin and work to reveal a natural radiance and a uniform complexion in 28 days.

The first visible results are noted within 2 and 4 weeks, which corresponds to the natural cycle of skin renewal. In some cases, it may take up to 3 months to see results–it depends on your type of skin, your lifestyle and regularity of usage.

There are no known side effects. However, some people may have allergies to certain ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, it is strongly recommended you do a test behind the ear or in the hollow of the fore elbow before use, if you deem necessary.

Our products do not contain sunscreen. But you can apply sunscreen with SPF, after applying O’LIGHT products.

Yes! O’LIGHT products are effective on melasma, which is actually a form of hyperpigmentation. They also help reduce the appearence of eczema.

No! This practice is not recommended except in combination with the application of sunscreen. Products from other brands may contain hazardous components and the mixture may give undesirable side reactions.

We have not noted any restriction for the use of O’LIGHT products during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, we recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor on this matter.

Each product’s packaging displays a list of ingredients specific to that product. Ingredients are also available online on the product page.

No. None of O’LIGHT products contain a comedogenic ingredient.

Only products purchased online are refundable. However, conditions apply. Please see our return and refund policy on the “Shipping & Returns” tab on our website.

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