If you are curious about my most recent skin care routine you can check out the following video.

Here is the list of products I use

Prestigious Anti-Spot Dry Oil-face

Prestigious Dry-Oil
The dry-oil is packed with shea butter and olive oil! It is also great whatever your skin type is. This is is because it is an oil that doesn’t leave greasy residue or film on your face. In fact, it has a powdery and velvety feel to it that leaves a beautiful shine on your face while leaving it breath. It is great to prep your skin before make-up.  Personally, I use it before going to sleep or before I wear make-up. For your photoshoot, I think it will be a great way to prep your skin and to keep it healthy! Since it is one of our face products it has a ph (an acidity) that was very closely chosen and that is optimal for your skin!

Brightening Anti-Spot Serum

The serum is amazing to treat much darker spots or zones. I use it on my scars. I currently have burning scars from cooking and acne scars. I love that it is enriched with vitamin C but that at the same time it is filled with shea butter and olive oil. It treats my scars naturally and efficiently!

Face Cream
This one is my personal favorite! It is also our most multi-functional. This is because it has of course shea butter, olive oil, sunflower seed oil (etc.), it treats of course dark hyperpigmented spots and… it has collagen in it! The collagen we use is an extract of oat that is actually from Ontario, Canada! Collagen is great because it promotes the elasticity of the skin. It is great for people who have acne, like myself, but also to help smoothing shaving bumps (etc.)

The bar soap has exfoliating actives that are extract from Australian coral! These are great whether you may have acne or not. Their size is specially design to be gently exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. On top of being anti-bacterial it also hydrates your body with olive oil and shea butter (amongst other super moisturizing natural ingredients). 

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